Hazelnut Dryer

Hazelnut Dryer

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Rivmec chooses quality with its hazelnut dryer

Rivmec is specialized in agricultural machinery manufacturing such as hazelnut harvesters, dryers and pneumatic separators for cleaning of the hazelnuts.

The company was born in 1989 and thanks to its long experience became a point of reference in the agri-food sector.

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Rivmec di Valter Rivetti
Corso Romano Scagliola 228 – 12052 Neive, Cuneo (CN)

Tel. 0173 677544
Fax: 0173 677687
E-mail: info@rivmec.com


Features of the dryer

It is a wheeled monoblock machine made up of:

  • an elevator for loading and unloading of the hazelnuts;
  • auger for moving of the hazelnuts;
  • diesel powered burner with fuel tank;
  • electric panel for the management of the drying cycles

The moving of the machine can be carried out in two ways depending on the customer’s request, both for short distances or towed by tractor.

Technical sheet of the dryer

Capacity tank from 2,5 cubic meters up to 10 cubic meters.

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disegno tecnico essiccatoio

For machines with higher capacity up to 50 cubic meters ,amounting to 250 quintals, the price is provided upon direct request of the customer.


Cleaning, sorting and drying of the hazelnuts

In this video you can see a small cleaning, sorting and drying plant for hazelnuts.

Rivmec’s priority is the maximum comfort when using the machines while also drastically reducing the time spent. Our dryer for hazelnuts and other nuts allows you to handle every step in the dryng process thanks to its eletric panel. Do not hesitate to contact us for any information using the form above or writing directly to our email: info@rivmec.com


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