Hazelnut harvester

Hazelnut harvester

raccoglitrice smart

RIVMEC – Hazelnut and chestnut harvester

Rivmec deals with the production and sale of hazelnut and chestnut harvesting machines.

Our company has a long experience in the nut harvesting field in which has achieved a prominent position. This success is directly related to the success of our harvester SMART and its versatility when it comes to harvesting several different types of nuts such as hazelnuts and chestnuts. A very simple machine to use and mantain, as well as great ability to adjust to every soil. The best way to get rid of manual labor and reduce time.



Rivmec di Valter Rivetti
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There are several benefits regarding our harvester, we can summarize them like this:

Comfort. Manual labor is very physically demanding. Harvester SMART was designed specifically to be comfortable and easy to use.

Time saving. This is the main aspect on which the production of our machines is based on. In fact, one simple use, eliminates a series of operations usually carried out manually. Harvester SMART drastically reduces time and optimizes the hazelnut harvesting.

Versatility. The ability to adapt to all kinds of soil. This allows great operative capacity, able to meet everyone’s needs.


Harvesting machine for high quality hazelnuts

In this video you can see the performance of our harvester SMART 1800.

Easy and comfortable to use, for a procedure that would take much longer if carried out manually. This is exactly the main goal of the harvesting machine. Eliminating all manual procedure. The only manual procedure that is needed is to slightly move the nuts from the tree’s stump, to allow the collecting of all nuts without hitting the tree.

The machine can be perfectly attached to tractors with reversible drive or front lift with PTO (on tractors with front lift but no PTO it is possible to mount a hydraulic kit for the functioning of the harvester).

In the collected product there might be foreign objects with equal size to the hazelnuts such as rocks, lumps of soil, pieces of leaves that can be removed in conjunction with the pneumatic separator for cleaning and sorting of the hazelnuts.

Rivmec – quality products

macchina raccolta nocciole

Harvester SMART

Harvester technical file:

  • Weight: 440kg
  • Harvesting width: 1,8mt
  • Harvesting speed: from 0,6 up to 2,3 Km/h (depending on the conditions of the soil)
  • Full size: widht 2mt – height 0,9mt – depth 1,3mt

Accessories upon request

  • Side brush
  • Kit for the hydraulic functioning


essiccatoio noccioleDryer

Wheeled monoblock machine made up of an elevator for loading and unloading of the hazelnuts, auger for the moving of the hazelnuts, diesel powered burner with fuel tank, electric panel for the management of the drying cycles

Capacity tank from 2,5 cubic meters up to 10 cubic meters.

For machines with higher capacity up to 50 cubic meters ,amounting to 250 quintals, the price is provided upon direct request of the customer.





Pneumatic Separator

Machine suitable for cleaning of the nuts from foreign objects and for the separation of the good nuts from the spoiled ones (empty) adjustable depending on the desired sorting.

The machine is composed of a hopper, cleaning auger, a first stage for the separation of the hazelnuts from rocks, a second stage for the separation of the good nuts from the empty nuts, with two channels for the good nuts and one for the rejects, built in two versions, electric and mechanic.


And …


Elevator, conveyor belt for manual sorting and pneumatic transport

Our latest products to work in comfort and with Rivmec quality

Rivmec – Professionalism and experience

Rivmec was born in 1989, earning its prominent position in the field of agricultural machinery, with machines meant for harvesting of nuts such as hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds and chestnuts. We also deal with plant building, technical and technological support for the manufacturing of machines and plants for agrifood products as well as the production of mechanical fittings built on numerical control machines.

A really wide range of services for every need.

For information and requests regarding our harvester, do not hesitate to contact us:

Rivmec di Valter Rivetti
Corso Romano Scagliola 228 – 12052 Neive, Cuneo (CN)

Tel. 0173 677544
Fax: 0173 677687
E-mail: info@rivmec.com

On our YouTube channel, you can also find videos of our other products.





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