Machine attachable to tractors with reversible drive or with front lift and power take off (on tractors with front lift but no power take off it is possible to mount a hydraulic kit for the functioning of the harverster). The harvester collects all around and eliminates the manual praparating phase except for a small movement of the nuts from the tree’s stump to collect all the hazelnuts present without hitting the tree. The harvesting speed can vary according to the quantity of nuts present on the ground and to the humidity of the ground itself.

It takes on average 2/2,5 hours to harvest one hectare of hazelnuts (this is merely indicative and can vary positively as well as negatively). In the collected product we will find foreign objects with equal size to the hazelnuts such as rocks, lumps of soil, pieces of leaves that can be removed in conjunction with the pneumatic separator for cleaning and sorting of the hazelnuts.

Accessories upon request

  • Side brush
  • Kit for the hydraulic functioning

Harvester technical file:
Weight: 440kg
Harvesting width: 1,8mt
Harvesting speed: from 0,6 up to 2,3 Km/h (depending on the conditions of the soil)
Full size: widht 2mt – height 0,9mt – depth 1,3mt